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Innovation & Design

Design is about transformation. Process and form. System(s) for and with humans.
Architempo works from concept to composition, often busy with challenges in complex systems.
Architempo is an innovation design agency, working on a range of diverse projects for institutions and companies, with a networks of partners. Founded in 2004 by Alok b. Nandi, its references include works in multiple media, from concept development to strategic design, from interaction design to exhibition design.


When working with us, one possible design sequence will follow this path:
Conversation. Emergence. Narrative. Interaction. Co-creation. Co-design. Experience. Innovation.
We favor a systems approach. The design areas are often interconnected and usually labelled as per : interaction design, experience design, service design, scenario design, concept design, communication design & strategic design. And there is of course "design thinking" which keeps us all busy.
Design is a matter of tempo, tone and texture.

Narrative and story-telling

What matter is how - how we approach problems and opportunities.
What matter is where - where are the innovation agents and triggers.
At Architempo, we explore multiple Innovation Modes and Methods.
Co-creation workshops and Design Sprints or Marathons, with tools as the Narrative Design Canvas and the Strategic Design Canvas. We focus on how to connect creativity (new/different ideas) to innovation (implemented novel ideas) via design (tools and practices allowing to engage humans in the transformation phases).
Design is a journey, with multiple stakeholders, and innovation is a state/station we reach, thanks to strategies we co-design. Narrative allows to render process, phases and projections.
Join the conversation and let's work on projects and prototypes.


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Interaction Design

IxDA = Interaction Design Association
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Alok Nandi was Conference Chair of Interaction14 in Amsterdam, Board Member (2015-2020) and President of IxDA (2018-2020).

An Optimal Tempo

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Conferences & Events

Alok Nandi is a regular speaker and convenor in international conferences and events.

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